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For Fun – Free data on Zombies

October 26th, 2014 | Posted by admin in Free Things

PoliteZombieIn our modern world, some do really predict an apocalypse coming on a specific day that sometimes affect us also and scares the hell out of us. One of the predicted apocalypse would be the age of zombies, where people who died will rise and bite other people, thus, turning them into mindless slaves to infect other people and healthy hosts. But these conspiracies and rumors were quite the popularity and trend among people and the society even during in Halloween, where people dress up as zombies and scare other people, or even used as a costume when trick and treating. Exploring the history of the zombie apocalypse, before, this was the great threat and scare in the 1970s and 1980s where the song entitled “Thriller”, which was sung by Michael Jackson, features a horde of zombies dancing through and with the beat of the music. Not really focusing to that but the way and process where it brings back dead people to life where the reanimated corpse stand and march towards the town to bite and eat the brains of people. This idea alone is scary that it even made a kid cry during her Halloween party. Enough with the facts and jokes but let us focus on the part where and how the zombies infect other hosts and people.

Most importantly, the concept of zombies really does not exist. With the term “zombification”, it refers and defined as making an organism behave without a will of its own. In some places, species of fungi called Ophiocordyceps Unlateralis infects the certain ants, making them climb plants and release spores that can infect other ants and hosts. On the other way around, zombification is not the one you have in mind where reanimated human corpse rise to eat the brains of healthy humans. The word “zombie” came from and started as the Haitian voodoo shaman hoax on the public where the ingredients used are blowfish poison and drugs to produce a catatonic or numbed state. Moreover, health organizations have been researching if the rumors and theories are true, but then later on rejected and was proven wrong as of today. They have concluded that, without a working respiratory system and circulatory system, your body would stop producing energy, without these then the muscle would stop also making a person dead in appearance and statue-like status. Lastly, with all the trends on zombies, these theories and stories are never true. Even some persons won’t believe such rumor and theory. Thus, don’t let the ideas of zombies that will eat your brains, you should lay the concept to rest and trust the professionals. Trust me, if there is really an apocalypse, then I should start preparing right now.

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